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Audacious Holding Limited is a subsidiary of Audacious Invest Inc. a New Zealand major investment company. Audacious Holding Limited stands out as a digital asset investment company, amongst others. ... Continue


Our Mission

Our mission is to spread the benefits of cryptocurrency trade as wide as we can. We hope to make everyone a beneficiary of our in depth knowledge of cryptocurrency by standing in between to help our investor get the best out of it. You do not need any knowledge of how cryptocurrency works before you can start investing because we are here to trade for you. Relax and let your money work for you.


Our Vision

We hope to through our services grant financial freedom to as much people as we can reach . Our journey has been fruitful so far and we are very optimistic that we will affect more lives positively through our relentless effort in improving our services.


Our Background

The team of technicians at Audacious Holding Limited's financial department monitor key cryptocurrency market trends. We are studying the processes of mining and search the system that will optimize costs and reduce net cost of Bitcoin.


Our system is developed with the most sophisticated technology you can find anywhere. It is highly secured and safe.


The use of small data language makes our platform one of the fastest if not the fastest in processing data and transactions.

Diversified Means

Our risk management approach is investing in every sector of humanity in order to give 100% guarantee to our investors.


Investment Plans

We understand the needs of our customers very much that our investment plans covers the widest range of benefits.

Starter Plan

2.8 %/ 24 Hour(s)

  • Min USD 100.00
  • Easy Referral 10 %
  • Easy Reinvest YES
  • Duration 5 Day(s)
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Advanced Plan

3.8 % / 24 Hour(s)

  • Min USD 10,000.00
  • Referral Bonus 10 %
  • Easy Reinvest YES
  • Duration 10 Day(s)
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Gold Plan

5 %/ 24 Hour(s)

  • Min USD 50,000.00
  • Referral Bonus 10 %
  • Easy Reinvest YES
  • Duration 15 Day(s)
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Retirement Plan

1.5 %/ 24 Hour(s)

  • Min USD 10,000.00
  • Referral Bonus 10 %
  • Easy Reinvest YES
  • Duration 6 months
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The world's most advanced cryptocurrency investment platform

Audacious Holding Limited stands out as a digital asset investment company, amongst others. The company was created to provide intelligent portfolios with its smart investors, customer-eccentricity approach, safe and high-end trading platforms and tools. Our investment methods eliminate the risks often associated with earning from digital assets.

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3 very simple steps to get started with Audacious Holding Limited

With over 11 K users, Audacious Holding Limited is the best platform to get started investing on cryptocurrency. It is the easiest platform for beginners to easily get into cryptocurrency.


Create Account

Simply open a new account to get started.


Make Deposit

Make deposit from any of our plans that is convenient for you.


Make Withdrawal

Withdraw to your wallet at your convenient or reinvest to earn more.


Active Users

USD 47.5 M

Total Withdrawals

USD 27.4 M

Total Deposits


Take advantage of proven solutions to achieve cryptocoin success

The Idea of Audacious Holding Limited was conceived in 2019. Our CEO Andrew Griev has been a successful FOREX trader several years before the invention of Bitcoin(Cryptocurrency), he ventured into it as soon as came to limelight but because of the high volatility of Cryptocurrency unlike Fiat currency his trade were highly unsuccessful at first. He understood that a deeper study of this new invention can reveal skills in harnessing the opportunities which he has envisaged in this new world of Cryptocurrency. He partnered with two FOREX experts that were his friend and they successfully deciphered a reliable way to trade profitably on a very high volatile currency - BITCOIN.


Manage your dashboard

Deposit,transfer and withdraw bitcoin, keep track of them in the one place.


Recurring buys

Invest in digital currency slowly over time by scheduling investments daily, weekly, or monthly.


Vault protection

For added security, activate your 2FA as soon as you sign up.


Why are so many people investing in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin on Audacious Holding Limited?

We believe that decentralised cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum will revolutionise the way the world views and uses money. We are part of pioneering a new financial system being built in real time, and we believe that this new global system will accelerate humanity for generations to come. As early innovators in this industry, we feel it’s our duty to bring this knowledge and excitement to the world.


What Our Clients
Say About Us

Our expertise in financial services has bettered the lives of our clients greatly, their testimony has encouraged us greatly.

11 K+ Active Users
This is remarkably one of the best Investments I have made this year
Alexandra lukas
Alexandra lukas Investor
I keep recommending to my friends and family because of their overwhelmingly impressive financial services
Nora Woodward
Nora Woodward Investor
Just at the right time, I found this investment out, skeptical but amazingly they have been coming through on every of my investment. Impressive
Wailey Osten
Wailey Osten Investor
Great company With great investment services keep up the good work
David reed
David reed Investor
I’m a dentist and this investment has made work a lot easier. Multiple income stream feels just right. Thank you team. Good job
Tooth Pharoah
Tooth Pharoah Investor
After trading and mining I was able to withdraw my profits without any issues
Niel elamir
Niel elamir Investor
Audacious Holding Limited is one of the best performing fund management company I have used in a long while.
Christopher Wagner
Christopher Wagner Investor

asked questions

Registration process is very easy and will take a few moments to complete Simply click CREATE ACCOUNT button and fill in all the required fields

To deposit funds in your trading account is quick and simple For your convenience you may choose one of the several available deposit methods To make a successful deposit please follow the steps below Login to your account Click on the DEPOSITS button in the DASHBOARD section Choose the deposit option And follow the steps to complete your transaction

Your deposit will be reflected immediately once it is confirmed on the blockchain network

To make a withdrawal request click the WITHDRAW button at the top center of your Audacious Holding Limited account dashboard and input the required details to withdraw

Once we receive your withdrawal request we process immediately and send to your bitcoin wallet

No you cannot have more than one account only investors on the vip plan are allowed to do so

Yes we are officially and properly registered with the Canada company house our company registration number is 786496083RC0002 and registered with the name Audacious Holding Limited

We do not allow multiple accounts except only for our investors on the VIP plan

Yes you can make as many deposit as you want on any of our investment plans except the starter plan where you can only invest 3 times after which you make a choice to continue investing with us or not

Audacious Holding Limited is a cryptocurrency based investment platform that offers percentage returns on investments over a specific time

Our objective at Audacious Holding Limited is to partake in our investors growth while helping them accumulate cryptocurrency through mining

Investors who have upgraded to Standard plan are allowed to transfer funds to other accounts from their Audacious Holding Limited balance


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